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We're Back! Originally created in 2002 this site was lost when PlusNet stopped their dial-up service. Now residing in a Raspberry Pi these pages are back in 2021 for your titification and pleasure!
During the 'lost years' I created a free Google site which is still online. This has content which is not yet here on this site. I shall be gradually adding new items here over the coming weeks. Meanwhile you can visit the Google site here.

This is a small site for telephone enthusiasts everywhere. It's privately owned and doesn't take itself too seriously.
What's here? Most of the content is a collection of WAV/MP3 files of telephone tones and associated sounds. You don't hear tones like these any more - well not on the UK network at least.
The majority of the tones are kept in my
Telephone Tone Menagerie
Click above and get your sound card ringing!

Also more tones and interesting stuff can be found below...
Other UK Networks Tones and Announcements from other UK networks
Telephone Exchange Recordings  Strowger and Crossbar equipment in action
Telephone Tones from Beyond the UK  Tones and Announcements from around the world 
Telephone Bell Recordings  Telephones which ring and warble
Contemporary UK Telephone Tones  The latest tones from the UK
2VF Demonstration  Pedantic signalling system a-go-go
Operator Phrases  Sexy plum voiced mistress dominatrix
Automatic Announcements  Answering machine and burglar alarm gereatrics
The History of The Telephone Free!Ancient Etext download 
Links to other Telecoms related sites  Does what it says on the label
Asterisk Collectors Networks How to dial up more vintage tones through working telephone networks
Automatic Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd 50 Line Private Automatic Exchange (PAX)
Picture Gallery Limited and under development
Diagrams A selection of my favourite diagrams
Dialling Codes Dialling Code cards and pages for the Leicester Telephone area
Don Froula's Arduino 'Blue Box' aka 'Rainbow Box'
Noel Edmonds Phone Pranks An unexpected source of 1970s UK network sounds


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